Global Exposure
SUTD is committed to enriching students’ learning experiences and nurturing global perspectives and cross-cultural understanding.
Outside the Classroom

Global exposure opportunities enrich our students’ learning experiences, and nurture their global perspectives and cross-cultural understanding.

ALL our students will have opportunities for overseas exposure, leveraging the world as their classroom, and learning from students on exchange from our overseas partner institutions.

Check out the poster for an overview of our global exposure opportunities.

FACT is a 1-week short immersion trips to our partner universities in ASEAN and China, for SUTD Freshmore students!

Grow your connections and broaden your perspective on this learning journey beyond the classrooms to our partner universities!

A fulfilling summer catering to varied interests – thematic projects, academic study, entrepreneurship, or research!

Snippets of the Global Programmes offered for our students

Freshmore Asian Cross-Curricular Trips (FACT)

Global Exchange Programme (GEXP)


Summer Programme: Global Leadership Programme (GLP)


Take a sneak peek at what’s in for your seniors for the GEXP in 2022!

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