Unique Curriculum
Our unique academic structure is designed around the key concepts of: interdisciplinary learning and research, design-focused and human-centric, digital competency as a foundation, and addressing large-scale real-world problems.
We Topped MIT's List of Emerging Engineering Schools
Source: 'The global state of the art in engineering education' study commissioned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Inside the Classroom

Check out these posters to learn more about our unique curriculum and pedagogy.

Why is HASS Part of the Curriculum?
Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) subjects complement the technical subjects to provide students with a grounding in the practice of inquiry, analysis, interpretation, and presentation. This integration of disciplines nurture leaders who are deeply aware of the social role and impacts of innovations in the fields of technology and design.
Snippets of how our unique curriculum and pedagogy nurture Design Innovators
Freshmore Terms
The first 3 terms build your foundation in Science, Mathematics, Technology and Design Innovation

What is Freshmore Year?
Find out how Freshmore Year benefited our students through their personal experiences.

SUTD Freshmore Curriculum
Take a peek into one of our Freshmore Term 1 class – Physical World.

Teaching & Learning at SUTD is Different
Students learn through hands-on and practical application.

What exactly does the Flipped Classroom mean?
Evidence-based approach to effective teaching and learning beyond the walls of the classroom.

Welcome to Fabrication Lab!
Fab Lab is a place where students turn their ideas into reality.

Research Opportunities from Day 1
The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP) allows students to work on cutting-edge research as junior colleagues in a faculty member’s research team.
Student Projects

The Capstone (or final year) project is a collaboration between companies and senior year students. Students of different majors come together to work in teams and contribute their technology and design expertise to solve real-world challenges faced by companies. The Capstone project will culminate with a design showcase, unveiling the interdisciplinary innovations from the graduating cohort.

SUTD Capstone Design Showcase 2021 #Throwback
Experience all 71 innovations by our graduating cohort, designed to transform and improve the way we live. Find out how we better the world by design.

“SUTD’s unique multi-disciplinary curriculum gives their graduates an edge in integrated solution and systems thinking, especially important under the changing aviation landscape.”

Mr Yam Kum Weng, Executive Vice President, Airport Development, Changi Airport Group
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